Bonfire Fireplace Tongs

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The ‘Bonfire Fireplace Tongs’ are expertly crafted, versatile fire-tending tools that guarantee an exceptional and efficient fire management experience, ideal for enthusiasts who demand a fusion of precision and innovative design.
🔥 High-Strength Iron Build
🔥 Thickened Iron Durability
🔥 Heat-Resistant Form
🔥 Insulated Wooden Handle

Heatproof Wooden Handle

These fire tongs feature a handle made from lotus wood or beech wood, designed to resist heat while providing a comfortable grip. As you use them, the handle's color naturally deepens, adding character to your tool.

Practical Spring Mechanism

Designed with support rivets and a convenient spring mechanism, these firewood tongs automatically provide moderate rebound, making them user-friendly and easy to operate.

Durable and Heat-Resistant

Bonfire Fireplace Tongs are constructed from thickened high-strength iron materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to high temperatures. They are built to serve you reliably for an extended period.

Versatile Fire Management Tool

Bonfire Fireplace Tongs offer excellent heat protection, preventing potential scalds while handling wood in fireplaces or fire pits. They have a wide range of applications, including knocking carbon, hooking pots, picking firewood, and moving wood for various settings like campfires, fireplaces, wood stoves, and coal stoves.


Fireplace tongs are primarily used for safely picking up and moving burning logs or adjusting the position of logs within a fireplace or fire pit. They are also handy for a variety of other tasks like knocking down burnt-out coals or arranging firewood.
Yes, most fireplace tongs are designed to be heat-resistant to ensure safe operation near open flames and hot surfaces. They typically have handles made from materials like wood or insulated grips to protect your hands from the heat.
The length of fireplace tongs can vary, but they are usually between 24 and 36 inches long. The length you choose depends on your specific needs and the size of your fireplace or fire pit.
Yes, fireplace tongs can be used for outdoor fires and grills as well. Their versatility makes them useful for managing fires in various settings, including campfires and outdoor cooking.
Some fireplace tongs come with safety features such as a spring mechanism that allows for controlled opening and closing. This prevents logs from slipping out of the tongs unexpectedly, enhancing safety during use.
To clean fireplace tongs, wipe off any ashes or residue after use. If they become particularly dirty, you can wash them with warm soapy water and a brush. To maintain their appearance and functionality, periodically oil or varnish the wooden handles, and check for any signs of wear or damage.
Yes, there are various types of fireplace tongs available, including traditional scissor-style tongs and more modern designs. Some tongs also come with additional features like serrated edges for better grip on logs.
Fireplace tongs are mainly designed for wood-burning fireplaces, but they can still be handy for adjusting decorative elements in gas fireplaces. However, exercise caution to avoid damaging delicate gas components. It’s best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific gas fireplace model.


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